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April 2020. The tension in our hospital is maximum. We're facing an unknown enemy. We're going at 1,000 miles per hour with trial/error tests. Like all other hospitals and first responders. We've got no choice. And thus, the external displays of support, the entrepreneurial, supportive, generous push represent both functional and emotional support without limits. SoyTalentoSolidario's call in the midst of such a scenario was a "chute" of positive energy. We weren't alone in the fight against the virus. Out there, there were wonderful people like SoyTalentoSolidario sharpening ingenuity to find a way to help. In those days, when the supply of materials for basic protection was impossible, masks were vital. Thanks to the donation of SoyTalentoSolidario we were able to provide our patients with hygienic masks which allowed us to keep enough reserves of sanitary equipment for the health workers fighting in the front line during covid.
Hospital October 9, Spain
My collaboration was very positive. Thanks to Alison and all the volunteers, a quick structure was created to help provide sanitary equipment to hospitals. I had the pleasure to participate by contributing in the distribution of the equipment. An initiative and team of 10/10!
Montalt Mobility Group
"I want to thank you on behalf of all the people who are part of Casa Oberta. You had a lovely initiative!!"
casa obera

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"I have participated in many collective exhibitions, I have also made individual exhibitions and collaborated in collective artistic projects, but rarely have I felt as satisfied as I am of this collaboration: sewing masks, which together with the sewing work and talent of other people were delivered through SOYTALENTOSOLIDARIO to groups that needed them the most. I thank family and friends for their collaboration by proposing mood phrases to were sent along with the masks."
eva m.
Skilled professional volunteer
"I thought it was a great idea and it was wonderful to bring my tiny contribution in such a noble cause… Before being a part of Soy Talento Solidario and from the first day that the Pandemic was announced, and we had to stay home with the first prevention guidelines, I took the initiative to start making masks and donating them. Many people who did not have the means to acquire them benefited from them... Therefore, it was very easy for me to collaborate with Soy Talento Solidario with a lot of love and dedication. I am an immigrant and that was the way to give back to this country, the way it has given to me and treated well. Also "Who is not born to serve, does not serve to Live"
Skilled professional volunteer
I really liked collaborating with the masks initiative when they were in such need. I was widowed recently, and this gave me energy to get up in the morning knowing I was going to contribute to a cause by helping those in need"
Skilled professional volunteer


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