About us

Our story

We want to democratize access to talented experts for charitable causes and for that, we created Up Volunteer. Our purpose is to mobilize the world's talent and connect it with the nonprofits.

We believe that together, we can support the charity causes and support the most disadvantaged communities. Our first cause was related COVID19, connecting a community of 50 volunteers who supported nonprofits and vulnerable communities in Spain, helping more than 7,000 people.

The team

Alison Diehl

Co-founder &
Chief marketing Officer

Ciudadana del mundo pero española de adopción desde hace varios años, Alison es experta en Marketing con más de 8 años de experiencia en diferentes multinacionales y países. Convencida de que podía liderar el cambio, creó SoyTalendoSolidario para construir comunidades para causas más relevantes del país y ahora Up Volunteer para conectar el talento con las ONGs.

Nerea Soro

Co-founder & Partnership Manager

Born in Donostia – Spain, and having lived in several cities, she lands in Valencia where she began her professional career specializing sustainability. Passionate about social causes and volunteering, she joined Alison in creating SoyTalentoSolidario's initiative and made her vision of volunteering a reality co-founding Up Volunteer. 


We connect nonprofit with skilled professional volunteers to support their causes and projects

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